Blair Hall - Principal
I want to thank everyone for a great year! We had a few bumps along the way, but we made it through the 2015-16 school year.  As we look toward 2016-17, there are a few reminders that I would like to put out there.  First, if you are re-applying for a transfer into the district, please have your applications returned in to the school by July 8, 2016.  Second, if you are considering transferring into our district, please fill out the transfer application located under the "For Parents" tab on our website.  We need those applications by July 18, complete with birth certificate, shot records, social security card, previous school records (including STAAR scores if applicable), and any other documentation pertaining to the student's education.  Thirdly, the bell schedule and calendar have changed for the upcoming year.  This was necessary to meet the 75,600 minutes that the state now requires.  Classes will run from 8:00-3:41, with tutorials continuing to be before (7:40-7:55) and after (3:41-4:10) school.  The school year will run from August 22-May 19, with several days off for students throughout the year.  Finally, I am working on getting student schedules finished.  Once I finish this process, I will be mailing the schedules home for parents and students to review.  If there is an issue with your schedule, please call or come see me as quickly as possible.  I am hoping for a smooth transition to next year as far as schedules are concerned.

Thanks again for a great year!  I hope you all enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in August!