Mr. Long

Hello My Name Is...

 Mr. Long 

 I am a graduate from Wellington High school in the town of Wellington where i grew up and my family is still from. After high school I attending West Texas A&M university where i received a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Education. My background is primarily in agriculture and has been a huge part of my life growing up. I love to discuss livestock and doing hands on activities in the shop or classroom. I am a firm believer that Career and Technical skills learned that come with the Ag education will be some of the most valuable resources for the future of our country. We have to create young adults that have the ability to work and understand skills commonly used in the every day workforce. I feel that all kids learn different and ag is the perfect outlet, as we have more opportunities in different careers than any other subject. I look forward to another good year at Miami ISD.

Classes Available:

  Intro to Agriculture

Livestock Production

Advanced animal science

Inro to ag-mechanics

  Ag Fabrication


Dual-Credit Welding course:

My Class Schedule 2016-2017

1st- 8:00-8:47 Ag Fab 1-2 and Structures

2nd-8:51-9:38 Conference

3rd-9:42-10:29 Advanced Animal Science

4th-10:33-11:20 Livestock

5th-11:24-12:11 Ag Mech and Structures

Lunch 30 min

6th-12:45-1:32 Intro to Ag


7th-2:03-2:50 Ag Fab 1-2 and Structures